Complex but achievable

Assessing the classification structure and comparative wage rates for Catholic systemic support staff

A joint IEU/CCER Working Party has been agreed to as part of the settlement of negotiations. The task is to establish equivalency between Catholic systemic schools and those of employees in the NSW government school sector as defined in the Crown Employees (School and Administrative Staff) Award 2019.

The Working Party will meet with employees from a range of dioceses and in differing jobs (for example, school assistants, clerical staff and Aboriginal Education Workers) and with diocesan representatives as part of their examination of the work performed by General Employees.

It is hoped the first meeting will take place by the end of September this year and final recommendations be made by April 2021.

In the lead up to the formation of the Working Party, the IEU’s Support Staff Advisory Committee will undertake a broad consultative process with our members. This process will allow our support staff and other members in Catholic systemic schools to engage with the Advisory Committee and union officers and to ensure member voices are heard in the deliberation of the Working Party. It is envisaged the committee will use email, online surveys and meetings as consultation opportunities throughout Term 3.

The 2.5% back pays from the first full pay period in January 2020 will flow for NSW teachers, support staff and principals and ACT support staff and principals. Teachers in the ACT will enjoy a back pay of 3% from 1 July 2020. All 11 dioceses have nominated pay periods in coming time for payments to be made.

Final discussions regarding Work Practices Agreements are underway and it is anticipated that a vote will take place in early September to endorse the agreement. As part of the agreement, a further 2.28% payment will take place in January 2021 (ACT teachers will receive a further 3% in July 2021).

The 2.28% figure is determined by the next increase in the Superannuation Guarantee Levy from 9.5% to 10% from 1 July 2021. Six months of the super increase equates to approximately a quarter of a percent, hence the 2.28%.

The principal responsibilities of the Working Party will be to:
  • Assess and review relevant classifications in terms of work performed, wage rates and related employment conditions in NSW government schools and Catholic systemic schools, and
  • Draw up recommendations for short, medium and long term measures to address any inequity in wages and related employment conditions of the relevant employees, within the context of the applicable industrial instruments and broader legislative frameworks.
The Working Party will have no more than 10 members and will include representation from
  • Dioceses
  • Catholic Commission for Employment Relations
  • The IEUA NSW/ACT Branch
The Working Party will consider chairing arrangements at the first meeting.