Share the good news

– union wins on backpay and wages

It is great that there is good news for employees in the systemic schools. It is due to the hard work of the officers who have been diligent in keeping the pressure on the employers to honour their previous agreements. All this would not have been possible without the members and chapters in schools who also keep up the pressure.

A high number of chapters in systemic schools held meetings returning their voting numbers strongly in favour of employers resolving the award as soon as possible due to their delay and avoidance of meetings and coming to an agreement.

It is unfortunate that it came to this; however, it does mean that chapters and members are strong and believe that rights of employees are integral. Details about backpay will be sent out to chapters as soon as available.

Thank you for your activism. Keep the union strong and recruit more union members in your workplace.

Bernadette Baker
Vice President Systemic