Membership news

Well the year is flying by and we’re already half way through a year I’m sure most of us will never forget.

If the new financial year has brought change to your workload, please let us know so we can adjust your subscription rate. If you want to update or would just like to confirm our records are correct, please email

Don’t forget - union fees are tax deductible; if you pay via direct debit from your account, credit card or Bpay we can issue a statement just email If you are paying deductions from your pay, as the transaction is made by your employer, the total amount will appear on your Income Statement (previously Payment Summary).

We are currently contacting student members to confirm if they are still studying or have now entered the workforce. Thank you to all current student members who have advised us of their new study finish date and continue to retain their student membership. A very big welcome to those former student members who have now joined the IEU as teacher members. What an introduction to working in schools, centres and post secondary colleges you have had in 2020! Please let us know if we can support you in any way. And remember, beginning teachers are able to take advance of our three months free offer.

IEU staff have been contacting unfinancial members during the July holiday break. Our aim has been to contact as many members as possible, when people are able to receive phone calls during what would otherwise be regular working hours.

At the time of writing we can report that, although many members have inadvertently become unfinancial (for example because their credit or debit card has expired, or they changed employers at the end of last year) these teachers and support staff have contacted us to re-join.

Membership Team