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It’s been a big month of news, announcements and decisions. Some disappointing and frustrating, while others are good news and a source of hope. There have been concerning developments regarding plans for transitioning out of the pandemic and shortcomings in government policy, but also positive developments on major EA negotiations, including one that affects around 15,000 of our members, and their hip pocket.

Our members are active and vocal on these issues. We encourage all of you to continue letting us and your colleagues know your thoughts and engage in meaningful conversations with each other, both online and in your workplaces.

Here is a small selection of some of the insights and conversations you've been having on the IEU Facebook page.

Minimum wage review

Rachel - $13 a week! Aren’t we lucky…

Catholic systemic EA negotiations support staff working group

Carolyn - It’s a shame the CCER cannot see the true value of school support staff for this EA. I urge all staff to continue the fight for true justice for school support staff. We are an integral part of schools and should be recognised as such.

Terrianne - Thanks for forging ahead with the support staff/DET pay parity claim. It’s sad that more fight is required.

Catholic systemic schools agree to overdue pay increase and backpay

Debra - This is a great outcome and a sure sign that the strength of the IEU has been acknowledged by the employer. Congratulations and heartfelt thanks.

Mary - Thank you for looking after our rights. This is great news.

Helen - Well done, everyone! Thanks IEU for your perseverance!

Sara-Jane - This is fantastic news but I hope you keep fighting for the support staff officers and their pay rise, I know they have received this particular rise but they should be receiving the same as those in Dept of Education schools. Don’t forget about their work!

Claire - Well done all of you. You deserve every cent and more!

Helen - Well done... Pays to have a union protecting workers

Fight for government funded paid pandemic leave for all

Mandy - Paid pandemic leave for all. I work in the early childhood sector in a community-based centre of which I’ve 33 years of service. I am sick and tired of constraints and restrictions. The Federal Government needs to step up and support community-based centres. Privatisation in the industry has destroyed our principles. Please support community based childcare. We are in it for the community. Not to return profits from a proprietor!

Pamela - A major reason why people go to work when they are not well – is because they have such limited sick leave and do not want to lose it on a heavy cold in case they get really sick. This is even without a pandemic.

Leonie - Well that depends on what’s in kitty and for how long. We have to make rational not emotional decisions for the common good.

Stop Uni fee hikes

Mandy - No student should be disadvantaged ... they are our light at the end of the tunnel. Future is questionable when our youth are compromised!