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Teacher workload

Erin - Having to work in these conditions is so mentally and physically exhausting too. I love teaching the kidlets, but it has to stop or there will be no teachers. We already have so many either not qualified or teachers teaching outside of their qualified areas. Personally it isn’t fair for the qualified ones, doing all the extra work for those who aren’t.

Jules - When ‘we’ talk about workload and paperwork, about fatigue and exhaustion, long and excessive hours . . . we’re told we need to be more efficient with our time, we need to work smarter not harder, we need to link things together more, we need to, we need to, we need to . . . we are the ones that are made to feel incapable, incompetent and inadequate. The issue is with the decision makers and leaders – those that have the ability to reduce workload and to give staff permission to stop, reduce or slow down, but they don’t

Tony - At what point does this get to the stage where teachers and indeed support staff say simply no. Document their hours and begin to refer to WHS?

Leonie - Please restore teacher agency, reduce excessive reporting and workload requirements, and let teachers teach.

Will - We also need to find old ways of valuing teachers. Like workable class sizes and more agency to do their jobs rather than wasting time on NAPLAN and meetings.

Tax cuts for those earning over $200k because “the harder people work, the more they earn, the more they keep of what they earn”

Kria - As a teacher I work damn hard (don’t even bring up the school holidays that I spend marking and preparing!) and I will never earn enough to enjoy those tax breaks. What a hoax! not to mention the nurses, etc that have careers that are not valued for the contribution they make.

Tara - Early educators work bloody hard. We are one of the lowest income earners in the Australia work industry. We don’t get to choose how much we want when it comes to applying for a job, it’s based on what level you are on. I would love to see these politicians work in a child care centre for a whole month and live on the income we receive.

Damien - Morrison: “everyone earning under 200k is just a lazy deadbeat with no one to responsible for their misfortunes but themselves”.

The reason I joined the Union…

Glenn - To make sure the future of the profession is secure, with pay and conditions better than now.

Kria - Protection and advice, sad that the EBA benefits flow to all the rest who ride on the coat tails but that’s just the way it goes I guess. As a rep I’m frustrated that membership numbers continue to decline.

Steve - Equity and social justice!

Heath - Because while our employers continue to turn us into a number, our Union will always make sure we are treated as a human

Jay – Because we are stronger together!

Mary - The Union is there to look after my best interests. My employer doesn’t always do that.