Meeting new shadow minister

Verena Heron
Industrial Officer

Jodie Harrison, Shadow Minister for Early Childhood met with IEU Secretary John Quessy, IEU Officers Verena Heron, Lisa James, and Tina Smith, to discuss issues that are facing the sector. She welcomed the IEU insights into the sector and indicated that she was looking forward to working with the Union.

Union organisers attended a morning tea at Parliament House to welcome the new shadow Minister and farewell former Minister Kate Washington.

IEU Early Childhood Conference

The annual ECS conference will be held on Saturday, 7 September. Conference participants will hear from a wide range of keynote speakers including Sarah Moore, About Invisible Leadership, and Lisa Bryant, Leanne Gibbs and Liam McNicholas, speaking about the Early Education Show.

Participants will also hear the latest about our Equal Remuneration Orders and Work Value Case before the Fair Work Commission, as well as attending a number of interesting workshops. Participants will have a number of hours of NESA accredited for their attendance.

Transitional arrangement extended Issue 7 2019

On 28 June, state, territory and Australian education ministers agreed to extend a number of transitional workforce provisions in the current regulations. The regulations that have been extended are listed in the table below. Regulation 242 does not apply in NSW if you are working in a centre-based service educating and caring for 30 or more children preschool age or under.


The Union is negotiating a number of agreements for services including Uniting Care and Big Fat Smile.


Integricare which operates 12 services recently advised employees they need to cut approximately $400,000 from the budget due to financial difficulties.

The newly appointed CEO suggested that centre directors who are currently non teaching could work directly with children for two days per week and that all centres could staff to minimum requirements.

They also flagged possible changes to paid meal breaks, leave and RDO accrual. They also announced the closure of one centre in December 2019 at Homebush. The Union wrote to Integricare advising of that they need to consult with the Union before introducing any substantive changes.

Snowy Mountains Care and Early Learning Centre

IEU has been advocating on behalf of members after their committee made an application to terminate their enterprise agreement which had expired in June 2017. The committee wanted to employ teachers under the modern award. Members are standing strong against pressure from the employer, with Union support.


Extended to 31 Dec 2021

Extended to 31 Dec 2023

Regulation 239A
attendance of an ECT at a service in remote and very remote areas



Regulation 240
qualification requirements for educators working in remote and very remote services



Regulation 242
persons taken to be an ECT



Regulation 264
general qualifications for educators in centre based services