Let the bargaining begin

Bernadette Baker
Vice President Catholic Systemic Schools

Welcome to the bargaining season. We are deep into the preparations for a new enterprise agreement. Wage increases are a central mainstay but the other issues that impact on teachers and support staff work are just as critical.

Work intensification is front and centre on the agenda. The Newsextra published recently details just a few of the major issues that are impacting on teachers and support staff.

I encourage all schools to hold their chapter meetings as soon as possible and send your response in promptly.

Call your IEU organiser if you need help or more information. The more engaged we are as a collective the better are the outcomes for us all as teachers and support staff.

Encourage all staff the join and belong to a progressive and active organisation that is working with you, and on your behalf to improve your work place.

Teachers and support staff’s professional opinion and expertise should not be disregarded. Our professional voice should not be stifled by compliance. We will not achieve change as a bystander.

We are encouraged to speak up for others and ourselves in issues of justice. Here is your opportunity to be proactive for yourself and others in your profession. Be strong. Be proud. Be union.