Young teacher quick to get involved

He’s only been teaching for three years but Peter Criticos is already one of three reps on the IEU committee at St Joseph’s High School in Aberdeen and he’s keen to get more involved in the Union.

“I understand that teachers in the past fought so hard for their rights and that we are now reaping the benefits of that,” Peter, 25, said.

“We have to make sure those benefits continue and that we don’t lose the things those people achieved.”

Peter said his strong awareness of industrial matters comes from his father who was a supporter of the MEAA as a radio broadcaster in Newcastle and is now involved in the NTEU as a media lecturer at the University of Newcastle.

“As soon as I became a permanent employee, I looked at becoming a rep. It’s important there is someone to represent young staff as the burnout rates are so high.

“Beginning teachers need to understand there is more support available for them when they are finding it tough.”

Peter attended his first IEU Council meeting on 17 August and he said it was “incredible”’ to see how the Union operates at a state level.