Plenty to look out for in Term 3

Chris Wilkinson

Here we are more than halfway through Term 3 and what a busy term it has been for everyone.

Thank you to all reps in Catholic systemic schools who held chapter meetings to discuss and endorse the new claim. If you have not yet returned your chapters discussion points, please do so as soon as possible.

Congratulations to all the members who have recently received their 30 year badges. Thank you for your support and contributions during this time and we certainly look forward to many more years of active service both in your chapters, sub branches and as council delegates.

The first IEU environment conference was held on 16 August and the second will be held on 29 October. A new venue and program is on offer this year and I am sure that this will give new direction and experiences to all participants.

I look forward to the positive feedback from those who attended. I would like to congratulate all the members who applied for the environment grants this year. It never fails to amaze me the amazing programs and initiatives that are presented to the students across all sectors.

The Early Childhood Conference is fast approaching on 7 September. Thank you to Tina Smith and her committee for the work in organising this great conference.

The Support Staff Conference will be held on 13 September. Another great day and some amazing speakers. Thanks to Carolyn Moore and her committee for organising and preparing workshops, speakers and the program for the day.

There are two Women and Equity committee forums coming up. The first in Armidale on Friday 20 September at PLC College and a huge thank you to Helen Templeton and her team for their planning and organisation.

The second will be held at Emerton on Wednesday 23 October. Thanks to Trish Murnane for her input, I am sure that, as always, they will be great gatherings.

Enjoy the remainder of the term, thank you again for your ongoing support and hard work.