Handing over the reins

After 14 years as the IEU Rep at Marist College North Shore, John Bullivant knows he’s leaving IEU members in safe hands when passing on the baton to new rep Ralph Chandler.

“It has been my great pleasure and privilege since late 2006 to 2017 to be the rep,” John said.

“One can only be full of praise for the Union organisers, the staff and leadership of the college and for the past couple of years the support of Zack Pedicini as a second rep as the college grew in numbers.

“Teaching in a school is indeed a noble pursuit. It is rare, if not unheard of, to meet a teacher who lacks interest in their work and their pupils.

“Most problems that arose at the college were solved either at school level or with appropriate organiser intervention when the stakes were raised, and of course when general industrial action was required.

“At all times the leadership and staff at the college has been interested only in reaching fair and just outcomes.”