Record breaking big vegie crunch

My school St Michael’s Primary School Nowra joined 460 other schools across NSW to break the 2017 record for the most students crunching vegetables simultaneously on 1 March.

During Vegetable Week, 26 February to 2 March, teachers spoke to their students about the importance of vegetables, they read stories like The Magic Lunchbox, sang the Big Veggie Crunch song written by the Vegetable Plot and encouraged their students to bring vegetables each day for their ‘munch and crunch’.

On the day, the students brought their own veggies to crunch on. Teachers prepared vegetable displays to share with their students and some even dressed up as vegetables to add to the fun.

More than 580 St Michael’s children crunched their way through a variety of vegetables. They were encouraged to try something different and to their surprise they actually liked them and came back for more! The morning was a huge success with many stories written and talks about their experiences back in the classrooms.

St Michael’s PE teacher Mrs. Holland,organised the simultaneous vegie crunching at the school. Some of the comments from the children were, “I love free food!” “Purple carrots?” “This is fun!” “Best day ever!”

Carolyn Collins
Vice President Support Staff