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Margaret and David: 5 stars

Edited by Amanda Duthie

Published by: Wakefield Press

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In Margaret & David: 5 stars, Australian filmmakers, critics, distributors and festival directors pay tribute to Australia’s most loved critics. Over 28 years, on The Movie Show and then on At The Movies, Margaret and David shaped the way Australians saw and talked about cinema – and themselves.

About the authors

Major essay by Sandy George, with contributions from Geoffrey Rush, Fred Schepisi, Jan Chapman, Cate Shortland, Gillian Armstrong, Andrew Bovell, Josh Pomeranz, Al Clark, Richard Kuipers, Jay Weatherill, Andrew Mackie, Sandra Levy, Nashen Moodley, Adolfo Aranjuez, Kath Shelper and Warwick Thornton.

Forever Horatio: An Actor’s Life

Author: Edmund Pegge

Published by: Wakefield Press

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“Looking back now it was significant that the man who played Hamlet became a professor of dentistry while I became a professional actor. It set a template for the way my career unfolded.”

Hilarious, charming and self effacing, meet Edmund Pegge, one of Australia’s most prolific supporting actors.

Travelling between England and Australia and working on stage, in film and on television for over 50 years, Ed Pegge knows all the tricks and all the trials of a working actor’s life.

He regales us with tales of the good times that intersperse the actor’s lean spells.

With a foreword by lifelong friend Dame Judi Dench, Forever Horatio is a celebration of the unexpected joys of being - as Edmund Pegge puts it - forever Horatio, never Hamlet.

Unfolding Journeys: Rocky Mountain Explorer

Author: Stewart Ross

Illustrator: Annie Davidson

Publisher: Lonely Planet Kids

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From Vancouver to Calgary, this amazing mountain journey takes you past snowy peaks and rushing rivers. Watch out for eagles and bears among the trees, spot daredevils on snowmobiles and discover loads of fascinating facts about this amazing part of the planet.