NESA's accreditation woes

Are you waiting for your accreditation welcome packs, emails with log in details or invoice? Have you been unable to submit your accreditation reports or upload professional development?

NESA has experienced ongoing technical problems since 7 December 2017 and is still working to resolve these. IEU is in daily communication with NESA about these issues.

At this time, the Union advises members to just relax, teach as normal and wait. No teacher’s accreditation should be suspended because of NESA’s technical problems. That is, NESA’s issues should not affect our members adversely. NESA has been extending timelines and accepting paper copies in lieu of online uploads in the meanwhile.

Maintenance of accreditation

IEU will be running constant PIP: Maintenance of Accreditation courses throughout 2018. To book, visit our PD/Training page on the IEU website.

What you need to do:

All teachers have five years (full time) or seven years (part time or casual) to maintain

You have to complete 100 hours of PD in a maintenance period: 50 hours must be NESA Registered or approved further undergrad/postgrad study and the remainder can either by NESA Registered, undergrad/postgrad, Teacher Identified PD, or professional commitment activities

You enter this on your NESA account (when it’s working again). For now just keep a copy elsewhere

You are not required to write a maintenance of accreditation report (as of 1 January 2018)

You need to practice against the Standards, that is teach, during your maintenance period and declare that you have done this, and

Your Teacher Accreditation Authority will then attest that you have practiced against the Standards satisfactorily.

For video advice, go to the IEU Facebook page

Amy Cotton
Professional Officer