HSC markers update

The IEU met with BOSTES on 6 August to discuss issues prior to the start of this year’s HSC marking.

Marking will commence with English Extension 2 (onscreen) on 29 August, with the bulk of papers marked in late October.

BOSTES reported a few changes in venues for 2015. Redfern has been phased out and Wollongong has changed venues to the Innovation Campus at the University of Wollongong and Woonona High School.

In 2015, 61.87% (compared to 55% in 2014) of all marking will be done onscreen either in corporate centres or externally.

New subjects onscreen in 2015 include Chemistry, Music Composition, English Extension 1 and 2 and Visual Arts.

Major upgrades have been made to IT at BOSTES so that the issues of system failure that occurred in 2014 should not happen again.

In the past, senior markers involved in the external marking of Mathematics have been able to perform their roles as senior markers and also mark papers in their non work time. This year BOSTES will be restricting the numbers of scripts that senior markers can mark.

This will reduce their potential salary from marking, but will increase the number of markers of Mathematics.

The 2015 HSC markers information (including award and salary scales) is now available on the IEU website in the resources section: www.ieu.asn.au/resources/hsc-markers.