Council supports ChilOut

The previous IEU Council was held on 20 June, which also happened to be World Refugee Day.

Council has supported the organisation ChilOut (Children Out of Immigration Detention) in the past.

ChilOut is a not-for-profit community group seeking to raise public awareness about the plight of children in immigration detention centres.

Its primary concern is the protection of children; that they are afforded their basic rights to freedom, healthcare, education and play and that Australia does not have a hand in abusing and damaging children seeking our protection.

The Government’s latest statistics, dated 30 June 2015, reveal that: 127 children are held in immigration detention facilities within the Australian mainland, 88 children are held in detention in Nauru and 642 children are detained in the community under residence determinations, a system referred to as community detention.

Every cent donated to ChilOut goes towards freeing children from immigration detention. The collection by Council for ChilOut on World Refugee Day raised $530.

For more information about what this organisation does or to consider donating see:

Dave Towson Organiser

Dave Towson