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June – August 2015

IEU members to strike in Catholic schools, QLD

Simon This is happening in a growing number of sectors, where conditions and wages are being reduced. Those from the corporate neck down are being offered base wage, little conditions, and, in some cases, little option. From a political viewpoint, this doesn’t increase the number of unemployed; we are, however, in the midst of the ‘recession that isn’t’. Every other aspect of our economy is showing signs of full-blown recession symptoms.

IEU condemns booing of Adam Goodes

Rosalie Thank you IEU for your support in condemning the booing of Sydney Swans and AFL star Adam Goodes. Being a Sydney Swans member and having met Adam on a number of occasions I can tell you that he does not deserve this treatment and it says very little of our society and their attitude!

Ann Two years of booing in your workplace is bullying . . .no one should be intimidated like this in their workplace whether it’s the sports field or the office, whether it’s racist or not enough is enough. It’s a shame that some people get more satisfaction from booing a person whatever he does on the field than enjoying the game. How would you like it?

Teachers face two years jail if they as much as express concern or speak up about students they are teaching in detention centres

Damien This is what happens when people vote Liberal. Unfortunately, what happens when they vote Labor no longer holds any promise at all of being even the slightest bit better. What a disgrace this country has become.

Barbara That is disgusting. So that trumps duty of care? Freedom of speech?

Liz Duty of care? Child protection? Democracy? Foreign concepts to those in Canberra it seems. I weep.

Joanne So, so terribly wrong. We lament that institutional abuse occurred in the past but do nothing about preventing it from happening in the present. Children need to be protected now!

Jane And Mr Abbott calls himself a Christian!

Unpacking the Catholic Enterprise Agreement

Ann What about the Catholic ethos of the Catholic Education Offices as an employer, the care they demonstrate to those they employ. The Christ like qualities of love and forgiveness?

IEU General Secretary announces deal with CCER via video

Stephen Yes thank you, took a while but you stopped us from getting a raw deal from Catholic employers who are poor.

Marie-Therese Thank you for defending our professionalism, which was again under attack!

Trish Thanks for the hard work and perseverance IEU.