Face to face:

bringing the experience of refugees to life in the classroom

The Refugee Council of Australia is offering an incursion to schools in Sydney and Wollongong which is co-presented by a speaker with a refugee background.

The presentations, which are linked to the curriculum, and can be tailored for primary or secondary, cover who refugees are and where they come from, facts about refugees worldwide and in Australia, the conditions refugees face overseas and Australia’s refugee policies.

The refugee speakers share personal stories of their journey to safety and give students the opportunity to learn from them face to face.

Incursions can be delivered as a one hour presentation or a two hour workshop incorporating small group activities.

The presentation package includes a resource guide for teachers containing links to lesson plans, follow up activities and information on how to support and advocate for refugees.

For further information about the program and to discuss its costs, email the project manager at projects@refugeecouncil.org.au or call the Council on 9211 9333.