HSC markers award negotiations underway

The HSC markers award expired 31 December 2016. This state award determines the salaries and conditions of all HSC markers.

BOSTES (now NESA) wrote to the IEU on 16 December 2016 with a salary offer of 2.5% per year for the next three years. This is consistent with the NSW state wage fixing policy. Increases above this (2.5%) can only be paid through the achievement of employee related savings to fully offset those increased costs.

Other than some minor technical changes (related to the no extra claims clause) NESA has not indicated that they wish to make any variations to the award.

The IEU along with NSW Teachers Federation and the NTEU were due to meet with with NESA on the 2 February to discuss the offer.

The IEU would like to thank markers who were elected as Reps during the 2016 marking period.

Reps play a vital role in ensuring that the IEU members are supported and given appropriate advice during the marking period.

The Union would like to thank markers who contacted us with feedback from 2016 marking. This will be taken into consideration when we meet to negotiate with NESA.