Don't let data stop students with disabilities from counting

A recent Sydney Morning Herald story reported that inconsistencies with data collection could delay much needed funding reaching students with a disability.

The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD) is proving to be the exact opposite of its title, with inconsistent figures coming from different states.

Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham said the data “failed the basic credibility test” and has foreshadowed more delays in implementing new disability loading in schools beyond 2018.

IEU has been lobbying the Federal Government for more support for students with disabilities for a long time, and would not support further delays.

IEU submissions have argued that while there may be some concerns about the NCCD figures, there are massive unmet needs which require urgent injections of additional funding for students with disabilities, as agreed by Gonski and other research, as well as our members' own practical experiences.

IEU is making a submission to the NSW Legislative Council inquiry into students with a disability and would welcome input from members with examples of where lack of financial support has led to problems and disadvantage for students with disabilities.

“Many IEU members have raised concerns about technical frustrations and excessive workload associated with the NCCD process, as well as the ongoing inadequacy of funding for the students who have been identified.”

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