Senior Teacher 1 Classification in independent schools

Are you eligible for a $4000 pay rise?

Late last year teachers working in Association of Independent Schools (AIS) schools voted to adopt new multi enterprise agreements with improved salary rates for either a three or four year period commencing in February 2017.

A large number of these schools (almost 100) voted to accept a ‘Hybrid Model’ salary proposal which will see the Senior Teacher 1 (ST1) classification from 2018 be transformed within a 3 Band salary structure, similar to the Standards Model structure which has been in place for years in many other AIS schools and a range of Catholic independent schools.

Within the Hybrid Model proposal transitional provisions for ST1 classification will apply from 1 February 2017 until 1 January 2018.

A teacher classified as Step 12 or Step 13 may apply for ST1 and be classified at Band 3 level up until January 2018. This means you will complete the ST1 process under current eligibility criteria for assessment as a skilled and competent classroom teacher, rather than undertake the ISTAA process for accreditation at Band 3. The latter process will not apply in Hybrid Model schools within this 12 month period.

The following important timeframes need to be carefully noted:

a teacher classified as ST1 as at 31 December 2016 will be classified and paid at Band 3 from the first full pay period on or after the date of application

a teacher classified as Step 13 as at 31 December 2016 will be eligible to apply for classification as ST1 up to the end of 30 April 2017, and

a teacher classified as Step 12 as at 31 December 2016 will be eligible to apply for classification as ST1 up to the end of Term 4 2017.

Teachers who are eligible to apply for ST1 will need to make a formal application to meet the criteria which are set within Clause 6.2 for Hybrid and Clause 6.6 for Incremental Model schools.

These criteria are reproduced below for your information. For a small number of schools under the Incremental Model MEA, otherwise known as the Steps Model, the provisions for ST1 have not changed. In other words, the eligibility criteria and established timeframes for application are unchanged from previous years.

A teacher will be assessed by the school as a highly skilled and competent teacher in accordance with the following criteria:

Tertiary study – courses of study undertaken at an approved tertiary institution; or

– approved by the principal of the school, which is conducted by a government body, the school, a school organisation, a professional association or other relevant body; and

Professional involvement
– participation in a wide range of professional activities at classroom, school or community levels as follows:

Work relating to classroom activities – involvement in curriculum and resource development and planning; involvement in reflective and adaptive classroom practice; including knowledge and preparation of syllabus content; relevance of methodology used.

Promotion of learning in the classroom
– assessed by the principal and/or the principal’s nominee as able to create a learning environment that engages students in their learning by the use of a variety of teaching strategies and management of the classroom to promote learning.As part of the assessment the principal and/or the principal’s nominee may make direct observation of the classroom practice for up to two lessons which will include assessing the class rapport, tone, discipline and motivation.

Involvement beyond the classroom
– sharing and learning knowledge and skills with and from peers; involvement in cooperative planning.

As a member of the whole school
– effective involvement as a team member; effective contribution to the life of the school.A teacher should be assessed as highly skilled and competent on the basis of the teacher’s professional involvement and shall have participated in a satisfactory level of inservice or tertiary study.

IEU has produced a comprehensive, practical guide to assist you in completing your ST1 application. On request, your IEU rep or organiser can make this available to you by email. Successful applicants for ST1 will benefit from a substantial salary increase of around $4000 per annum above the Step 13 rate . . . so what are you waiting for?

Need further advice and support with your ST1 application?
Contact your IEU organiser on 8202 8900 0r 1800 467 943 (toll free) or by email

Liam Griffiths Assistant Secretary
Elizabeth Finlay Professional Officer

Frequently asked questions

Who can apply?
In Hybrid Model schools, teachers who are already on step 13 in 2016 must complete the process by 30 April 2017.Teachers who have reached Step 12 by 31 December 2016 have until the end of Term 4 2017 to complete the process.

How much money will I receive?

From 1 February 2017 the ST1 salary rate is $103, 326.

Are there any extra duties required with this classification?

No, ST1 classification recognises your classroom teaching practice. It does not require you to undertake additional duties.

When will I receive my salary increase?

You will be paid at ST1 rate from the first pay after the date you applied not from the date when yur application has been approved.

How long should the school take to approve my application?

Applications for ST1 should be processed promptly. If the school has not responded within 30 days contact the IEU.

What happens if the school rejects my application?

Applications must be assessed against the established criteria as set out in Clause 6 of the Agreement with no additional criteria allowed. If the application is rejected and you have meet the criteria contact the IEU immediately.