Reasons to join a union

Some of our staff don’t belong to the Union and need lots of encouragement to join. After all, it is a tax deduction and who doesn’t like having one of those!

There are many reasons for belonging to a union. Our employers certainly do not want us to belong. Why?

Simple, they do not want to part with their money. The Union is always engaged in getting members better pay. Without the Union’s intervention support staff would all be on the modern award, which is significantly less than what we receive now.

Members get very disgruntled when non members are willing to take wage increases that have been hard fought for by members and the Union. Some may argue they can’t afford the Union fees, but they certainly don’t knock back wage increases. If a reasonable wage matters to you, then you’ll belong to the Union.

Without the Union’s involvement we would not have paid holidays, sick pay, personal/carers leave, compassionate ceave, maternity/paternity leave, special leave, long service leave or allowances (meal, first aid, health care procedures), travel (expenses, allowances or time allowances), uniform and laundry allowances, broken shift allowances, overtime, time in lieu. The list goes on. More good reasons to belong to the Union.

The benefits of belonging to the Union go even deeper – for our security in the workplace. The Union is there to support and represent us on various procedures such as the right to request flexible working hours, our right to consultation on major workplace changes, our right to consultation on changes to regular roster or ordinary hours, dispute resolutions procedures and redundancy.

Again the list goes on. If a member is unsure of their rights, don’t go into meetings without consulting with the Union and always have a support person with you if there is an issue.

The Union has been at the forefront in pushing for our safety and wellbeing in the workplace. Check our website and Newsmonth for upcoming professional development. There is always something on offer!

Finally, we have, through the Union, the opportunity and privilege of being an activist. It is not a given that all members will fight for their rights. It is up to us to support our workmates by encouraging them to belong to the Union.

Hoping that 2017 will be a happy, healthy and rewarding year for all members.

Carolyn Collins
Vice President Support Staff