Celebrate our day - 14 June

Education Support Staff Day will be held on 14 June, so let’s celebrate. This is of such importance that Education International World Congress last year agreed the day should be celebrated annually.

It’s a chance to hold an event at your school where support staff are celebrated and their importance to the overall functioning of the school is acknowledged. It’s a day when your principal and/or teachers should put on a morning tea, lunch or even dinner for you. Perhaps more! Allow them to be creative in ways that show their gratitude for all that is done, seen and unseen, in our schools.

Members, please take photos and send them into the IEU. It will be great coverage from the school support staff sector. We will be doing major Newsmonth coverage of the event. Get the word out and let’s have an enjoyable day.


A big shout-out to all the school staff who have been affected by the recent floods. It has been a very taxing time due to cleaning up, lost and damaged property, but also restarting all over again. The impact of this sort of event not only takes its affect physically, but the emotional toll is far great and longer lasting. A special thought must to the IEU Lismore office. The floods had a devastating effect on that office.

Membership benefits

Membership to the IEU is necessary as a form of work insurance policy for our members, which is tax deductable. However, membership is not just for the obvious benefits, but can be used for other advantages:

receive a 10% discount on our comprehensive travel insurance

have a dedicated STA travel expert to contact with direct email and phone access

access to the ITIC card

enjoy free entry to the Powerhouse Museum

access to Teachers Health

access to free training development

access to dedicated NGS super

access to dedicated banking such as Teachers Mutual Bank

access to recreational services, and

access to discounted insurance

access discounts through Union Shopper.

Please check our website www.ieu.asn.au or contact the IEU for further information.

Carolyn Collins
Vice President Support Staff