Principals sub branch:

Tackling staffing shortages with better pay and conditions

The IEU thanks principal members for their support and hopes that the Autumn school vacation provided some time for rest and renewal.

Our thoughts continue to be with those school communities affected by the devastating floods in the northern rivers area and by extreme weather events in other areas.

The IEU is also aware of the ongoing impact of COVID on many schools and the stress this has often placed on staffing.

A Zoom update meeting was held on 5 April for IEU principal members in NSW and ACT Catholic systemic schools, with a focus on the enterprise agreement negotiations for teachers and support staff, as well as on the specific claims for principals.

To address staff shortages, principals at the meeting emphasised the vital need to attract and retain teachers by improving pay, addressing workload issues and enhancing the status of the profession.

The current workload pressures on principals have been illustrated by the recent report of the 2021 Australian Principal Occupational Health and Wellbeing Survey in which many IEU principal members participated (read further).

The results of the 2021 survey confirm concerns about the impact of staffing shortages, the need for more time and support for school middle leaders, and the importance of counsellors and other resources to address student and family wellbeing and mental health issues.

The Term 2 IEU Principals’ Sub Branch meeting is planned for 7 May at the IEU Parramatta office with a Zoom option. Principals are most welcome to contact the IEU if they would like to participate in the IEU Principals’ Sub Branch and/or in IEU diocesan or sector activities for its principal members.

Pam Smith
Assistant Secretary/Principals’ Organiser