Hear our voice

We will not be silent

The campaign to achieve our log of claims has begun. Our actions will send a message to our Catholic systemic employers that teachers and support staff are serious about improving working conditions and salaries. Change and improvement is long overdue.

Employers may hide behind COVID regulations and government guidelines, but this does not reflect the reality for those of us on the ground.

Staff in schools are exhausted. Words of appreciation from our employers are not enough. Appreciation must be demonstrated through proper remuneration, improvement in working conditions and respect, which includes proper negotiations with the IEU.

For your participation in the Protected Action Ballot and possible industrial action, it’s crucial the union has your correct details. Your name, workplace, email address and phone number must be consistent on IEU records and on your employer’s records. If you're unsure, please contact the union.

School staff are not superheroes, even though we’re expected to act like them sometimes. Proper acknowledgment and respect for our work will be reflected in the actions of employers and how they go about these negotiations. Anything less than absolute commitment to support teachers and support staff is not acceptable. A full-day strike may be needed to demonstrate our commitment.

  • check your details
  • talk to your colleagues and encourage all staff to join the union – there is power in numbers
  • attend sub branch meetings and rallies
  • invite your organiser to visit.

Stand strong. Hear our voice. We will not be silent! We will not go quietly!