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Where Shadows have Fallen:The Descent of Henry Kendall

Author: Adrian Mitchell

Publisher: Wakefield Press

Henry Kendall was once regarded as Australia’s finest poet, compared favourably with Wordsworth. His poetry was romantic, sentimental in its celebration of the Australian bush he loved. But he was more Henry Lawson than John Keats: a self-pitying wife deserter, cadger and drunkard. And it ran in the family.

In this intriguing work of literary investigation, celebrated author and historian Adrian Mitchell delves deep into Kendall’s storied life and uncovers a dark past that casts new shadows on his legacy. He discovers that this habitually self-effacing poet had good reason to keep himself and his family out of the limelight. This is the true story of Henry Kendall, his parents and his grandparents – and he had every reason to dread it being made public.

Bubbay’s Desert Adventure

Author: Josie Wowolla Boyle

Illustrator: Fern Martins

Publisher: Magabala Books

Bubbay is lonely, with only the stars as friends. He lives in the desert tending his goats and sleeps under the stars. One night, Bubbay wishes for something he has never had – the stars hear him and, with the help of the magical Gubarlee and kangaroo, emu, crow and bower bird, Bubbay begins a quest to make his wish come true. A story full of magic, combined with richly textured illustrations.

Alfie the Brave

Author: Richard Harris

Illustrator: Simon Howe

Publisher: Puffin Books

A delightful picture book about a dog called Alfie who longs to be bold and brave like other dogs. But bravery doesn't always come naturally.

Alfie was a fine-looking dog. His coat was sleek and shiny like an otter. He was the son of champions. But Alfie didn’t feel like a champion. Alfie feared ... everything! Could Alfie ever be bold and brave like other dogs?

This charming book is by 2019 Australian of the Year Dr Richard ‘Harry’ Harris, a key member of the cave-diving team that rescued the Wild Boars soccer team in Thailand.

It is illustrated by the talented Simon Howe, who perfectly captures the emotional ups and downs of the adorable and expressive Alfie.