Letters to the editor

Thanks for the support

This year I have been on long service leave and have paid IEU fees quarterly. As I will no longer be teaching, I am resigning from the union.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the union team and executive during my past 45 years of teaching for their efforts in both maintaining and improving the wages and working conditions of teachers.

I believe there still is a long way to go for the government and general public to become aware of the tremendous time, talent, inspiration and passion that is required of teachers to assist students to open themselves up to learning in all its fullness. COVID has helped parents to peep into the education world in a small way and maybe appreciate the work of teaching more than they did in the past.

I am constantly amazed by the inventiveness, motivation and digital skills I see reflected on the education and teacher Facebook pages and it makes me wish I was still in mid-career rather than the end.

Thank you for the support offered to teachers, for fighting for a say in educational matters rather than leaving it all up to politicians, for raising the professional status of teaching and for attempting to gain financial recognition and award conditions that reflect justice and the worth of the worker.

Kind regards,

Dianne Belcher-Mozes