Rostering delays: Support staff need job security too

The past two years have been distressing for support staff, with the challenges of lockdowns and vaccinations, along with the uncertainty around infection within the workplace.

However, at this time of year, many support staff are hit with the worry of job insecurity: whether they will retain their usual hours, or even any employment at all, in 2022.

Many employers have made staff wellbeing a focal point, particulary during the pandemic. Surely then, notification of employment for 2022 should be addressed sooner rather than later, meaning one less worry for suport staff.

A stressed employee will be less productive, and may experience problems such as depression. Duty of care from our employers is paramount.

Allocating hours for school support staff is often not done before the end of Term 4 and is sometimes left until the following year. This lack of job security influences all aspects of our daily lives. It affects our ability to plan ahead; to pay bills; to get a loan; to spend money on our families and friends. It interferes with our holiday plans and our capacity to enjoy Christmas and the holidays.

This rostering delay leaves little time for us to look for employment elsewhere.

Happy staff means happy students and happy parents and carers. Contact your union organiser if you have concerns.

Stay safe everyone!