A stable force despite turbulence and heavy workload

Over the past 18 months, teachers and support staff have been a stable force for the community despite the turbulence of COVID regulations.

Public Health Orders have impacted on all staff. The changing government ‘road map’ rules have impacted on us personally and professionally.

Across NSW, teachers and support staff keep providing excellent educational support for their students and families.

Teachers and support staff are on the frontline of their communities, a stable force to rely on.

Our workload has not eased. In fact, in many cases it has increased and become more demanding and complex.

It is important that we do not allow ourselves to keep taking on more without asking ‘what do I not do’?

Allow yourself reflection time to critically assess the important over the urgent, and how best to address it.

Talk to your IEU rep or organiser if you need to clarify issues or concerns.

Remember the IEU is active, ensuring teachers and support staff have a voice. Check out the IEU Facebook page or website to keep up to date.