The incredibles

I hope by now life is heading towards normal both in your home, school, centre or college. It has been a whirlwind of new experiences, new learning and certainly huge disruption to life in general. However, we are now moving into the next phase and looking to the future.

I would particularly like to focus on the ‘incredibles’ in all of our workplaces – our support staff. Where would we be without them? They do an amazing job each and every day in so many roles in our workplaces, in the front office, behind the scenes, in the canteen; they are the laboratory assistants, the TAS assistants, the library assistants, the maintenance and groundsmen and women, and last but not least our support staff assistants in the classroom.

These wonderful people are there every day doing what they do best and always with a smile. If it needs fixing, cleaning, copying, building, typing, collecting, collating, washing, cooking, preparing, answering, paying, mending, comforting, assisting, cataloging, greeting and supporting then these are the people that do these tasks every single day. World Support Staff Day was officially 16 May when we are able to acknowledge and thank these wonderful people who play a very important role every day in the schools.

This year we were faced with the COVID-19 restrictions and the fact that so many staff members were working remotely from home and not able to have regular celebratory morning or afternoon teas, or other activities. Please don’t let this important celebration pass without letting these staff members know just how much you appreciate their work and contribution to staff, students and school communities. If you haven’t already, I suggest you hold a special morning tea or afternoon tea when things get back to normal. Support staff work and do so much often without being asked, during their lunch breaks, before and after school. They do things that are not in their job descriptions and never complain. Thank you one and all.

As the term rolls on and exams, marking and report writing are happening, remember that the holidays are just around the corner. The chance to leave the comfort of the family home and a chance to explore our state is awaiting. I wish you all a very restful break, time to visit friends and family, pick up that book that is waiting to be read, Netflix for a good movie or series, a good long walk in the bush or bike ride or just a chance to get out and enjoy the fresh air and hopefully sunshine.

Chris Wilkinson