Why reps are greatly needed in the workplace

At the time of writing, just over 70% of Catholic systemic schools have returned resolutions calling on the employers to come back to the bargaining table and to pay the 2.5% increase that was due at the beginning of this year and had been budgeted for in 2019. Further resolutions are expected to come into the IEU office over the next week.

This has been achieved in only two weeks, as members have faced daunting workloads while schools transitioned back to face to face teaching. Resolutions have been voted on during face to face meetings, zoom meetings, via email or through a combination of the above.

Thank you to reps and chapter committees for having made this possible.

When the IEU sent out the NewsExtra to Catholic systemic chapters we identified 63 chapters that did not have a rep listed on our membership. That number is now down to 39. 'Thank you' to those who have stepped up offering to act as rep or as a contact point until a rep or committee can be elected.

It is worth noting that of the 39 chapters without a rep, fewer than a quarter have returned the resolution. Without a rep or an active chapter committee, the voices of members in these workplaces is definitely more likely to go unheard.

Without a rep or an active chapter committee, the voices of members in these workplaces are much more likely to go unheard.

If you are unsure who your workplace rep is, please make enquiries. If you find your chapter does not have a rep please consider standing as rep – contact your organiser for advice. If your chapter does not have a chapter committee, but does have a rep, please consider speaking with your rep about supporting her or him on a chapter committee.

Union officers are a phone call or email away to offer support and advice. The IEU pays employers to release reps (and chapter committee members) so that they can attend Reps Training Days conducted by the union. For training dates and locations (many are online), see www.ieu.asn.au

David Towson