Black Lives Matter - union in solidarity

The IEUA stands in solidarity with First Nations communities and People of Colour and their allies rallying for justice.

Racism and inequality are union issues; they permeate our workplaces as well as our communities. There is no room for these attitudes and behaviours in the union movement, in schools or any other part of society.

We acknowledge that Australia was built on stolen lands through violence and dispossession against our First Nations people and there are ongoing systemic inequalities that must be dismantled.

We have a part to play in this as an ally to First Nations communities and People of Colour. Our union fights for dignity, respect and decency, social justice and for the power of the collective at all levels. Black Lives Matter.

See our interview with Thomas Mayor, Torres Strait Islander, author, wharfie and Deputy Branch Secretary of the MUA's Northern Territory branch, in Finding the Heart of the Nation.