Mighty effort must be rewarded

Congratulations to all teachers and support staff who have in these challenging times stepped up to make our schools work in the spirit of Catholic education. Teachers have gone out of their way to support and develop the education of their students.

Teachers and support staff have done this across various platforms and methodologies with great integrity. Added to this, teachers and schools also stayed connected to the families and school communities to ensure students' wellbeing. It is the staff in our schools who have proven, in action, the misson of Catholic schools.

However, we are very disappointed that our employers do not have the same opinion. Their lack of action, the determined reluctance to acknowledge the outstanding efforts by schools and teachers by delaying any sort of finalising of the award and workplace agreements is discouraging. As teachers, we are outraged that we are so poorly thought of, that hiding behind the COVID crisis is deemed an acceptable excuse.

CCER and the diocesean employers need to have a good look at themselves stand up to show their support for teachers and match their actions with their words. Chapters have been voting on the motion sent out in NewsExtra.

It is up to us to put pressure on our employers to remind them we will be heard. Action by members will force employers to demonstrate their support.

Bernadette Baker
Vice President Systemic