Union news for HSC marking and AMEB examiners

In July the IEU, along with the NSW Teachers Federation and the National Tertiary Education Union made a claim for a 2.5% pay increase for HSC markers.

The employer rejected the claim, stating that any decision they made would be subject to the outcome of the major public sector case which is currently before the Commission. The employer is arguing for a wage freeze in the public sector.

The unions have argued that the public sector case does not apply in this instance, as teachers have been awarded a 2.5% increase in the government sector and major non government employers have essentially agreed to this increase as well.

As such, it is the position of the unions that teachers undertaking HSC marking duties later in the year should also receive the 2.5% increase.

The union also recently concluded the AMEB agreement for music examiners. As this case was largely concluded prior to the health crisis the 2.5% increase was already agreed to. The final negotiation points were primarily concerned with establishing a process for online assessment.

The union expects the HSC markers case to be listed in early August, once the Crown Salaries Award matter has been finalised.

Members are able to keep up to date with proceedings from the union website, our social media platforms, or email pat@ieu.asn.au

Pat Devery