CSO staff vote to authorise industrial action

Catholic Schools Office staff in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese have voted to authorise Protected Action, as their campaign for guaranteed Enterprise Agreement coverage intensifies. 88% of eligible members responded to a Protected Action Ballot, with 95% voting in favour of all proposed forms of industrial action, including work stoppages, for the purpose of advancing claims in the negotiation.

IEU members working in the Maitland-Newcastle Catholic Schools Office are fighting to retain guaranteed coverage of the proposed Enterprise Agreement, in the face of forecast role changes.

The diocese has already moved some staff off the agreement and Union members are worried that the same will happen to them. They want a guarantee that they will be covered by the EA even if the employer reclassifies them as no longer under the direct employment of the Catholic Schools Office.

The IEU supports these strong members as they fight to retain their Union won rights and conditions, in the face of the diocese’s attempts at agreement busting.