My Values, My Work

– conference explores what drives support staff

Values are a fundamental part of who we are and how we live. They help us to make decisions, which reflect our beliefs and viewpoints. Values enable us to plan for our future.

My Values, My Work was the theme for almost 100 school support staff, who attended the biannual conference on 13 September.

The keynote speaker was Richard Boele, a man of integrity and commitment. Richard was an inspirational speaker with a passion for sustainability, human rights and its advancement.

He champions the causes of the most vulnerable and lives his beliefs. We all walked away with an increased awareness of how to look after our global village and the environment.

Richard noted the value of teamwork that we, as education workers and Union members, strive for in our workplaces on a daily basis.

Kristyn Crossfield workshopped to identify our core values, to reach deep within ourselves to understand them more deeply.

Kristyn is a great activist for human rights and a woman with incredible insight and leadership qualities.

Each and every one of the workshops gave us insight into identifying our personal values and the way we could turn them into strengths. We’re in charge of our own futures and the conduit to change in our world.

Thanks should go to IEU Industrial Officer Carolyn Moore for her vision and wisdom for what school support staff wish to experience and should experience. She is always searching for innovative ways to enhance our personal and professional growth.

On behalf of all support staff, I would like to thank the IEU for its commitment, not just on an industrial level, but on a professional and personal level.

Carolyn Collins Vice President Support Staff
Vice President Support Staff