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Renewing your membership for 2020

Your renewal notice for 2020 membership will be emailed to you mid November 2019. If we don’t have an email address for you or your email rejects, the renewal will be posted to you early December. We will confirm send with all members via text message.

Union dues are paid in line with your workload and the Union offers various rates but, we remain unaware of any changes to employment unless you advise us.

If there are no changes for 2020 and you wish to continue on your current method of payment – please do not return the renewal notice.

The IEUA NSW/ACT Branch Executive have approved a 2.5% increase to subscription rates in 2020. For members on automated payment methods (auto credit card/direct debit/payroll deductions) the new rate will be charged from January 2020.

If you’re working full time or part time in 2020 and would like to pay the discounted rate, you’ll need to make this annual discounted payment by 10 February 2020.

Have a question or need assistance to complete the renewal? Don’t hesitate to call our Membership Team direct on 8202 8900/1800 467 943 or email your query to

This information might help you complete your membership renewal:

Want to pay the discount rate?

Discount rate applies to full time and part time rates only and payment must be made before 10 February 2020. If you are currently paying via payroll deductions, you will need to advise your employer directly to cease deductions from 2020.

Automatic payers with no changes in 2020?

If there are no changes for 2020 to your professional or personal details, you do not need to return the renewal.

New employer in 2020?

Return the renewal this is especially important for payroll deduction payers as payment is not portable between employers and your new employer may not offer this service.

Change of workload in 2020?

Return the renewal to ensure you are paying the rate applicable to your work status in 2020.

Taking maternity leave or LWOP in 2020?

Return the renewal as we do offer rates that reflect your work status. If you are working casually whilst on leave you will need to pay a Casual membership.

Moving to casual work in 2020?

Return the renewal as we offer a Casual rate that provides you all the usual benefits at a rate reflective of your work status.

Retiring in 2020?

Return the renewal to pay the retired rate. Changes to Fair Work Legislation mean we can no longer offer industrial coverage under this rate. If you’re working casually you will need to take up Casual membership.

We hope this information helps you, but if you have other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our best wishes for a successful Term 4 - we look forward to assisting in 2020.

Membership Team
NSW/ACT Branch
8202 8900 or 1800 467 943