Gloria Taylor

Here are a few words to mark the retirement of Gloria Taylor from her role as Deputy Secretary.

Gloria Taylor began working as an organiser at the ITA (as our Union was then called) in January 1988. With a background of primary and ESL teaching she had most recently been an advisor on multicultural education with Sydney CEO and almost immediately her passion for ethnic inclusivity began to infiltrate the Union’s consciousness.

As part of a wave of US teachers who arrived in Australia during the teacher shortages of the 1970s, Gloria brought an international perspective to union work.

She exposed through Newsmonth the political oppression of teachers and trade unions in Chile and frequently reminded members of the persecution occurring in Central and South American countries.

Gloria was an active delegate to the then NSW Trades and Labour Council where international speakers were frequent visitors.

During more than 30 years with the Union, Gloria has had almost every job. In 1989 she was the organiser (the only organiser) for both the Cumberland and Penrith-Blue Mountains Branches.

In the 1990s she took over the Riverina Branch during a period of bitter dispute between our members and diocesan authorities.

She became a regular on local TV and the local press and on more than one occasion had to change hotels to escape the paparazzi.

Over the years she has been the principals’ organiser, union training officer and convenor of most committees.

Most recently she established and nurtured the Environment Committee through its early years to the vibrant body it is today.

As a Union appointed director of NGS since 2002, Gloria has played a vital role in developing the fund into one of the most respected industry superannuation funds in the market, serving with distinction once again in almost every role including as chair.

To the hundreds of colleagues she has worked with over three decades at the ITA/IEU Gloria is acknowledged as one of the most talented officers in the business. Very little ever fazed her. A mentor to many and a friend to all.

We are fortunate that although soon retiring from active Union employment Gloria will stay on as an NGS Trustee/Director into the New Year.

John Quessy