Support Staff Day 16 May 2019

Celebrating International Support Staff Day

Carolyn Collins
IEU Vice President, Support Staff

School support staff are making a difference, and school communities throughout NSW and the ACT showed their appreciation on 16 May for International Support Staff Day.

Schools celebrated and thanked their support staff with lavish morning teas, flowers and chocolates. Having teachers, principals and students recognise our contributions certainly makes a difference and is appreciated.

The IEU continues to fight for support staff to have security of employment, and fair wage and conditions. Many support staff officers are women and working women are more likely to have insecure hours, be paid less and retire with 47% less superannuation than men.

The Change the Rules campaign has not stopped with the results of the federal election. If anything, it is more pressing! We need to put fairness back into all forms of employment. We need to put up a fight for our students now and into the future, for they are and will be the most affected. Please support Change The Rules.

Preparations are underway for the Support Staff Conference on 13 September 2019.

The conference, My Values - My Work, will explore how our core personal values direct the type of work we do, the type of organisations we work for and how we can express those values in our work.

Full conference details and registration information will be available during Term 2 at