Expressions of interest – NESA Special Education Committee

The IEU welcomes expressions of interest from members who would like to represent the Union on the NESA Special Education Committee.

Applications will be considered by the Secretary and will be assessed on merit, taking into consideration:

  • active Union membership, and
  • professional experience.

In your application to the Union, please provide relevant and recent information which addresses the above criteria. Include all contact details in your application (school/home/mobile/phone and email).

IEU members who are nominated to NESA committees on behalf of the Union accept these positions with the understanding that they represent the voice of practicing teachers, that they will be consultative with other teachers, and responsive to the wider views of IEU members.

The NESA Special Education Committee meets approximately two to three times a year. For successful applicants, expenses incurred will be met by NESA.

Please forward a brief application to

The closing date for applications is 15 July 2019.