Author: Shane and Alex Smithers

Published by: Magabala Books

Three copies to give away

James can fly, though his landings need some work. However, that’s the least of his problems when he crash lands into a city in the clouds. Soon James is drawn into a race against time to find the SAFFIRE, a new technology designed to save the city from the effects of climate change. Finding his way home seems impossible but with the help of Aureole, a young girl determined to save her city, James just might be able to fly away and help save the city in the process.

Games on the Go

Published by: Lonely Planet Kids

Three copies to give away

“Are we there yet?” Banish the boredom of long car journeys and big trips with Games on the Go, a fun and colourful mix of spotting games, drawing challenges, word searches, dingbats and more.

A must pack addition on any family trip, it fits easily inside hand luggage and can be deployed in seconds! Comes with 40 wipe-clean cards and a dry-erase pen, all stored in a small, handy box.

Games include:

  • road trip bingo
  • turning fingerprints into colourful friends
  • Amazon rainforest-themed crossword
  • wildlife watching
  • drawing suitcase contents
  • dingbats and puzzles
  • mazes
  • drawing favourite meals
  • making star constellations
  • designing flags, and
  • noughts and crosses.

Yesterday You Were Here

Author: Melissa Little

Publisher: Wakefield Press

One copy to give away

This touching, carefully sparse picture book for young readers aims to help young people dealing with the loss of a loved one to process and talk about their grief. ‘In sadness this book will be a kind friend.’ -Michael O’Connell, AM, APM, Commissioner for Victims’ Rights

Loss at anytime is challenging, but it is part of life. Grief is our natural response to loss. Imagine it through the lens of a child. Yesterday you were here. Today you are gone. How do we make sense of the sadness?

Yesterday You Were Here won’t answer all the questions that may arise, but simply promote discussion and give children the opportunity to think about their grief.

There is a help page for parents and caregivers to help guide their children through the book, please read this before reading the story. There are also interactive pages to encourage your children to write or draw how they feel, a memory they have or what they would like to say to their special friend. Ages: 3-6 years old

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