Facebook Feedback

On the commencement of the Union’s ERO and Work Value cases

Sidonie - Proud to be part of the IEU. Your commitment to ‘raising the bar’ in both working conditions and parity of wages is appreciated by all members. Keep fighting the good fight!!! Xx

Ariane - Thankyou all for your hard work. It has been phenomenal. I’m sure every early childhood teacher in NSW appreciates the ongoing support for our sector from the IEU. Good luck! Can’t wait for my turn next week.

Samuel - Work value cases are hard yards. Onya

Louise – Good luck thanks for the hard work and commitment to us

Eve – Good luck and thank you for representing us.

Sarah – Keep up the good fight

Matty – Good luck. Hit ‘em right in the Tories!

Mons – Power to you IEU NSW/ACT! Tired of our teachers being undervalued and underpaid.


Claire - So, protesting against climate inaction is a waste of time, and kids should have been in class, while repeating 2 days of ridiculous, upsetting tests is fine?

Simon - We need to strongly push to scrap national standards. New Zealand were able to do it in 2017, focusing more on actual teaching.

Sharon - Our school did paper tests. They went perfectly with no hassles. I cannot imagine the stress of online tests that don’t work. Poor kids.

Sarz - our school had a glitch where it started giving the test in spoken and written Chinese

Carole - Why are we not surprised. Here is an example of a complete waste of money and effort. NAPLAN is not useful, not relevant and the funding should be invested in classroom support, training and establishing ‘special’ learning units in every school. Every department that provides public services is underfunded, doesn’t have enough staff and any software produced isn’t tested sufficiently before launching. Let’s face it, the system is not working well, because there’s not enough money to go around.

Tom - NAPLAN should be scrapped. I remember in primary school what a stressful time that was for teachers who had to reorganise their curriculum to address NAPLAN content

Sandra - This test and its administration are holding back millions of students in our nation from an adequate education.