Passing union tradition from mother to daughter

Long term IEU Council delegate from the North West Branch Denise McHugh is making sure the younger generation keeps burning the union torch.

Denise brought her daughter Libby Lockwood, 25, to IEU’s 16 March Council meeting as an observer, to show her the ropes.

Libby is an early career teacher at St Joseph’s Primary School West Tamworth.

“Since she started teaching Libby has recognised the importance of being a Union member,” Denise, a NESA consultant, said.

“She recognises the benefits it brings her as a young teacher navigating the system but also the protection that being a union member brings to everyone.

‘She’s getting to see where it fits into the broader perspective.”

Libby said she would consider becoming an IEU Rep in the future and enjoyed being part of a group with common goals.