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On religious exemptions

Simon: I have witnessed teachers not keeping their contracts because they are living with partners outside of marriage or threatened because they were not married in the Catholic church. If you think it’s easy to say ‘teach in a government school’ you may not fully understand the commitment of faith these people have made, and how oversimplified your solution may be. All it takes is a priest or disgruntled parent to set fire to a LGBTQI+ staff member. Such is the power of discretion.

Bini: I’ve worked with various gay teachers in Catholic schools and there was never an issue.

Claire: I worked in Catholic schools too! I also knew of women forced to marry because they were pregnant, of couples keeping their living arrangements secret, of divorced teachers being shunned etc. This has to stop legally, so these things can never be held over anyone’s head again.

On parliamentary ‘community forums’ on the state of the teaching profession, held in the middle of a weekday

Samantha: As soon as I looked at the locations, dates and times I thought ‘what the’? The only people who will be able to attend are those in the most senior roles of the system who can be flexible with their timetable.

Lindy: Of course, cities, no regional?

Glenn: Zero understanding of the profession. Let’s call meetings that no one can attend ... getting the input they want.

On Pell

MJ: As a member of the Catholic church, raised in a Catholic family; who has worked in a Catholic school for over half my career as a teacher and as a parent whose children attend some excellent Catholic schools, I feel like we have all been taken for a ride. I feel like a fool for having supported an institution for so long that was complicit in the most grievous actions.

I am livid beyond belief at the predicament my family has been placed in as a result of a system that neglected, harmed and broke our most vulnerable. I wonder how responsive the church will be to the rest of the community in light of this. I doubt the schools, church or other system will even come close to helping the rest of us.

On the Student Climate Strike and Rob Stokes’ threats of punishment

Garreth: This guy just doesn’t get it. The Education Act is just words that will be meaningless to future generations. Protection of the environment is paramount. Let students have a voice. Most of them talk more sense and exude more passion and commitment than any MP, state or federal, in my opinion.

Helen: Teachers are leaving the profession in droves because of draconian ideas of politicians ‘punishing’ them as if they are children ... wake up fools, the teachers are academics in their own rights.

On the demands of the modern teaching profession

Stephen: They have too much to do and no time to do it … it’s as simple as that. The job is draining and too bureaucratic. Free up teachers, give them time, resources and autonomy. Then you get a professional who knows best.

Penny: A lot of people say to me teachers should be better paid, but I reply I’m happy with the pay – it’s the ambiguity and stress of the lengthy full accreditation process and the lack of mentoring that left me feeling unsupported.

Claire: I loved my job, but hated what we called ‘administrivia’… the endless meetings, marking of enormous, useless assessment tasks, surveys, lesson plans written at least six different ways etc. However, I am glad to see so many delightful young people become useful, caring citizens. That’s my reward.

Lala: Allow us to get on with the job of teaching not data collecting.