Rep’s letter to school

Here is a sample letter of how one good rep contacts colleagues

It is half way through Term 1 and by now you have had the opportunity to settle into life at Kinross Wolaroi School (KWS).

I wanted to take this opportunity to both introduce myself and highlight the benefits of IEU membership. I am the Chapter Rep at KWS, I am also the President of the Central West Sub Branch and a Councillor at the NSW Branch which is the decision making body of the Union’s NSW operations.

I am passionate about highlighting and protecting the work of teachers in independent schools. I have been in the position of chapter Rep for some 18 years and have always undertaken to support both the work of the Union and the industrial welfare of the KWS staff.

I have given the school an undertaking that there will always be a positive, respectful working relationship between the Union and the school coupled with a smooth flow of essential information.

The Union’s work is threefold:

  • the industrial aspects of work in schools – including conditions, leave and salaries
  • training and PD support (TPL, NESA, accreditation etc), and
  • legal advice and support (child protection, dismissal, leave etc).

I strongly recommend IEU membership to you. We have a very strong membership base at our school. Simply call 1800 467 943 and ask for membership - membership fees can be deducted from your salary (you won’t even notice) and are tax deductable.

The IEU has been supporting teachers in independent schools for many years. Your membership and support ensures that your rights are protected and that the Union’s important work continues to the next generation.

Thank you. Please contact me should you have any questions.

Bruce C Paine
History/RE Faculty
Kinross Wolaroi School