Jobs well done

Peter Turner, Director of the Wollongong Diocese, should be acknowledged for emailing all staff to express his recognition of the work performed by school support staff and in particular, the recognition of World School Support Staff Day on 14 June 2017. I know that school support staff were most grateful to receive this email.

I did not wish to abbreviate this email, as I believe it is what all directors and employers should publically say about their school support staff. Therefore, I am sure Mr Turner will not mind me sharing it in its entirety with you:

“Along with our Bishop, I join with you in celebrating the significant contributions of school support staff each and every day in our school communities. Please take time to thank them personally for their commitment and dedication in making our diocesan Catholic schools great for every student, so that they can learn, grow and achieve in a safe and supportive environment. Their work is integral to the creation of vibrant school communities, whether it is in the school office providing administrative assistance, in the classroom supporting the work of teachers, keeping our schools clean and safe, or in so many other ways that add so much to the life of the school. Without their work our schools simply couldn’t operate.

“Our support staff are outstanding professionals who provide invaluable expertise and services that are absolutely essential in ensuring our students and families benefit from a Catholic education.

“The work of support staff does not go unnoticed and is deeply appreciated. 14 June is an opportunity to recognise, acknowledge and say thank you to all school support staff.”

Many schools celebrated with morning teas. At St Michael’s we were shown appreciation by students, teachers and the leadership team by having a special morning tea along with gifts of chocolates and wine and release from recess duties to attend.

With all the demands of school life, it is wonderful to celebrate staff for the work done by all, be it principals, teachers, school support officers or the number of other contributors to our school communities. This is only the second year we have had World Support Staff Day, so let’s make it even bigger and better in 2018.

The IEU Support Staff Community, Connection, Belonging Conference on 11 August is drawing closer, so I urge you to register. I wish to acknowledge and commend the work done by Carolyn Moore, Cassie Barnes and other IEU staff in organising this conference. A lot of the work done by the Lismore team took place during the stressful time of the Lismore floods.

Carolyn Collins
Vice President Support Staff