NESA writing survey

NESA is conducting a survey of current teaching practices in writing, asking teachers what they know about writing and how they teach and assess it.

Writing is the subject of the 2017 Thematic Review, and the Australian Writing Survey is a key component of the review. Writing remains a key way in which students are assessed throughout their school years and the demands on students' writing skills change from primary to secondary school, and subject to subject.

NESA is keen to hear from all NSW teachers. The results will be analysed to inform the development of professional learning, and the commissioning of subject specific professional learning.

The survey is open to all primary and secondary teachers across all schools, all subjects and KLAs.

Teachers who undertake the survey will receive one hour of accredited PD.

More information about the survey can be found on NESA’s webpage, with a link to the survey, which is being conducted in partnership with the Learning Sciences Institute Australia, Australian Catholic University.