Applications are now open

Independent (AIS) schools under the Hybrid EA

Teachers who are on Step 12 in 2017 are eligible to apply for the Experienced Teacher classification in 2018 under the newly adopted Hybrid model.

Applications are now open: Closing date: Thursday 31 August 2017.

The IEU has been very successful assisting members to achieve Experienced Teacher.

We are here to help you:

Understand the process

Prepare evidence and documentation, and

School based and individual workshops are available.

Evidence collection period

Wednesday 26 April 2017 to 4pm Friday 7 September 2018.It is important to start this process as early as possible after the 26 April.For assistance with Experienced Teacher accreditation contact Elizabeth Finlay:

Teachers on Step 13

Teachers on Step 13 in 2017 are still eligible to apply for Senior Teacher 1 classification this year.

A teacher classified as STEP 12 as at 31 December 2016 will be eligible to apply for classification as Senior Teacher 1 until the end of Term 4 2017.

This grants teachers the Experienced Teacher Salary Level. Contact the IEU on 8202 8900 for further information.