Prize prompts exploration

Despite a decade as a teacher Phoebe Scali is still not on a permanent contract, so the security of IEU membership is important to her.

Phoebe recently won an iPad mini which was an incentive prize to members to update their details with the IEU.

It’s crucial that we have the most up-to-date contact details for all members so we can best serve them, so if yours have changed recently let us know.

Phoebe is an English teacher at Marist College Kogarah but since last year she has been teaching special needs and ESL.

Marist Kogarah is a huge school catering for 1100 boys, with 110 funded special needs students and 84% from a non-English speaking background, so Phoebe’s job is a big one.

“I’m really enjoying it . . . the boys are beautiful here.”

Phoebe joined the IEU when she was still a university student and said while she’s never had to call on its help, she appreciates the support.

“The recent [Catholic] campaign showed how important it is to be in the Union.”

A large contingent from the College attended the stop work rally in the city last year.

Phoebe said the school has a strong Chapter with excellent representation from Organiser Marilyn Jervis and Rep Neil Brotherton.

“Marilyn has been a great resource for a number of staff.”

Phoebe has never used an iPad before so she’s looking forward to exploring it for professional and personal use.

“I might get some good tips from the boys,’’ she said.