Update for ACT early learning centre staff

With the enterprise agreement (EA) process for Catholic systemic schools drawing to a close, the Union is seeking a rapid resolution to EA negotiations for teachers and other ACT early learning centre (ELC) staff.

Despite opposition by the Union, the Archdiocese refused to include teachers and other ELC staff in the new EA.

Instead the Archdiocese has proposed a specific agreement called the Catholic Education School Age Care and Early Learning Centre Enterprise Agreement 2015 (the ELC/SAC EA). The objective of the Union is now to ensure that the new arrangements maintain parity in rates of pay with schools for teachers and support staff. Our long term aim is to bring ELC members back under the larger systemic agreement.

It is important that members are not disadvantaged by any change of conditions under the new arrangements now or into the future. The Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (CCER) on behalf of the Archdiocese has informed the Union that the ELC/SAC EA will generally reflect conditions that are settled in the systemic schools agreement. The IEU is satisfied with the outcomes of the systemic negotiations and we wish to see the benefits flow on to ELC staff.

The IEU currently awaits a revised draft classification structure for ELC staff. A further proposal relates to contract renewal processes for directors. The Union will consult with members about these and any other proposals.

In response to our request for further negotiations, the CCER has proposed a meeting this week. Subject to resolution of outstanding issues, they expect to move quickly to a final settlement proposal. For further information ELC members in the ACT should contact their organiser.

Gloria Taylor
Deputy Secretary