Successful SALT action inspires others

The IEU has gained a successful outcome for teachers and support staff in Catholic systemic schools within the Lismore Diocese in relation to compulsory employer compliance training.

Due to strong response by IEU members in Lismore Diocesan schools, the Union is happy to report that the Lismore CSO has advised principals and staff that Self Administered Legal Training (SALT) be completed during work hours.

Support and non-teaching staff must be provided with sufficient time during work hours to complete SALT training.

Appropriate facilities and assistance should be provided to support staff to allow them to complete the training. Support staff who may have completed or commenced SALT training outside of work hours must be compensated appropriately either with pay or time in lieu to be agreed on an individual basis as per terms of the current enterprise agreement.

The SALT success is now resonating with employers in other dioceses, with Reps and members reporting a change of attitude towards the implementation of compulsory compliance training in their area.

No doubt this is a direct result of the positive outcome achieved by IEU Reps and members in the Lismore Diocese.

Steve Bergan
IEU Officer